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British Indian businessman helps fund Bristol
British Indian businessman helps fund Bristol University's new campus

LONDON. One of Britain's leading Indian-origin businessmen, who features regularly on the country's annual rich list, has contributed one million pounds to the University of Bristol for a new campus it is building.

Bhikhu Patel, himself an architecture graduate from the university, and his wife Shashi, contributed the funds recently towards the new Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus (TQEC), which the university said is set to revolutionise teaching and learning.

"I fell in love with Bristol the university and city. I couldn't have achieved what I have in my business and personal life without my degree. I've always followed the university and been very proud of its research and teaching successes," said Patel, who graduated from Bristol University in 1973.

"Education is very important to me. I came to the UK from Kenya with virtually nothing and was the beneficiary of a first-class education," he said.

After leaving the university, Patel followed a career as an architect before taking on a couple of small businesses with his wife. In the early 1980s, he joined forces with his brother Vijay to work in the pharmaceutical industry and went on to co-found the successful Waymade pharmaceutical group.