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NASA's planet-hunter finds first 'Earth-size
NASA's planet-hunter finds first 'Earth-size habitable world'

Washington DC: Scientists have found the first earth-sized planet with habitable potential- where liquid water exists. The additional good news is that the planet is comparatively closer to our solar system. TESS, NASA`s planet-hunting wing finally announced during the 235th edition of American Astronomical Society`s meeting in Honolulu that the planet is orbiting around a star (TOI 700) not more than 100 light-years away from us.

It is one of the three orbiting planets around the star and is at the ideal distance from its star to hold the capability of surface water. Astronomers have made sure of the planet`s potential with the help of the space research organization`s Spitzer Space Telescope.

The planet named TOI 700 d orbits its star at the farthest from as compared to the other two planets.(UPDATED ON JANUARY 9TH, 2020)
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