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Dr.Onkar Singh
Invigorate classroom interactions to strengthen quality of education

Indian education system being third largest in the world has the golden opportunity to exploit the demographic dividend for creating excellence in every walk of life and contribute in the upgradation and sustainability of human civilization. The country’s vision of becoming world leader can only be reached through the whole hearted involvement of the teachers with full commitment and integrity. Therefore, the teaching community at every level need to be sensitized for their pious duty towards creation of capable human resource for securing our future, which seems to be missing in most of the cases as teaching profession is merely considered as a major employment sector. Current generation Z being empowered with ample digital avenues for learning expects the teachers to encourage their critical thinking while imparting the subject knowledge.The quality of deliveries can only be improved by the involvement of passionate teachers in the design and development of teaching learning processes and the management of educational Institutions. It is necessary to enhance the numbers of teachers with passion, commitment and integrity through suitable education, training and motivation as it will help in creation of an ecosystem that can take the education system towards excellence.

On this teacher’s day every teacher should resolve for creation of fair, accountable and quality centric education system while respecting merit and being ethical in all actions to set high moral standards.

Jai Hind



Dr.Onkar Singh
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur (U.P.)
Founder Vice Chancellor, MMM University of Technology, Gorakhpur &Ex VC, UPTU, Lucknow
Mobile: 09415114011