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Uma Mansharamani.
Dear Children,

Hope you all are enjoying your student life. When you grow up and take to careers, you will realize this is by far the best time of your lives!

Hence I would want you to make the most of it!

I would like to share my 10 Cents on this Teachers’ day.

Before I begin to write anything, I would like to express my gratitude to all my teachers who made me capable of doing anything in life; beginning from reading, writing, understanding, comprehending, deliberating, interpreting, conceptualizing, envisaging, creating, implementing, innovating, systemizing, organizing, executing, competing and becoming victorious, and the list goes on!

At this moment I recall all my teachers, since childhood till this dayfrom my schools, college and from the university of life; all of them with great respect and regards, some of them with great fond regards; as they clearly had deep impact on me and shaped my persona and my life.

One such teacher was Professor Dr. Mrs. Uppal; our Embryology teacher in S.G.T.B. Khalsa college, University of Delhi.

The way she taught it used to get imprinted straight on my mind. I was the first one to finish her exam paper and more often than not, with highest marks in class. Her loving smile lit up my heart and her encouraging words meant the world to me. She always managed to get the best out of me.

Teacher is one who takes us from darkness to light, and this light spreads and illuminates our entire life.

For me Learning is a lifelong phenomenon.


Always respect your teachers,

Pay attention to their teaching,

Remain focused in class on lesson being taught,

Revise within 24 hours to retain,

Revise again in 30 days to remember long term.

Ask questions if you don’t understand anything.

Read other relevant books besides text books.

If reading on the web ensure knowledge is coming from a genuine source.

Finish your assignments in time.

Participate in school/college activities.

Take up sports and studies with equal enthusiasm.

Great books are your best friends.

Consistent efforts yield magnanimous results, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Pay gratitude to your teachers and seek their blessings, they are the ones who work hard to make you a learned person.

Some teachers impart knowledgewhile some enlighten your soul.

The greatness of a teacher can be summed up in following words:

GururBrahamn, GururVishno, GururDevoMaheshwara;

GururSakshatParbrahamn, Tasmai Shri GuruveNamah.

Wish you all great success in lives.

With Loves and Best Wishes;


Uma Mansharamani.
Certified Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant.
Serial Entrepreneur with 33 years of experience in international business.
Cofounder Nature’s Absolutes;
Cofounder Tajurba Business Network P. Ltd.