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The modern education system in India is really disappointing. It is a true barrier in the country’s progress.

Students in India are expected to cram up the books,chapters and syllabus and write their answers accordingly. And the one who possesses this robotic memory is truly a topper! Indirectly, this practice (which is considered as schooling & education) is ruining students’ creativity and thinking skills. The concept of Think outside the box isn’t much appreciated in the learning processes and schooling.

Students are taught to be excellent in theoretical knowledge but what about practical knowledge? In India, no importance is given to practical knowledge in schools. In many schools, a subject like Computer is taught orally and students are told to mug up the question/answers of their textbooks. How ridiculous is this..! Even the literal meaning of notebooks has changed.Notebooks aren’t used for making notes; instead they are considered as the mug-up books: students have to cram up each and every word of the limited question/answers in their notebooks for getting good grades.

The main emphasis is on good marks, good percentage either by hook or by crook. And hence, rote learning plays a vital role in Indian education system. To many people,the lack of practical knowledge seems to be the real reason behind educated unemployed youth in India.

Long school hours and homework, tuitions etc. make a student’s life stressful. Teachers as well as parents, have high expectations from students and if students fail to meet their expectations, these tender minds have to deal with depression and torture.This education system neglects the fact that every student has his own abilities,own potential and own interests.

Modern Education Policy has come up with great ideas but it lacks so many essential things. In my point of view on the basis of my experience.

A staff or a teacher should have completed their psychological education on student mentality. They need to understand what the student of this generation has in minds and adapt to them. Students want their teacher to be more friendly than a bossy type. Every student follows a teacher's way if they love to hear from them. So a teacher must make the students to love them.

Now what our education system lacks?
We study many subjects physics, chemistry, biology and what we are gaining out of this is a secondary thing. But are we taught what is necessary for our life? We are taught to survive not to live. We are taught “what to think” not “how to think”. Students lack imagination and creativity due to the wrong education system.

Modern Education Policy fails to teach the students the integrity of life and it fails an extraordinary student because he can't produce marks in the result.

We need to be taught about our rights, some common laws, some basics of financial management but these are missing in modern Education System in India. According to me the education girl child of each Indian family should be adopted by government of india. The students should not be given reservation on the basis of their caste, color or creed rather on the basis of merit. The poor children can be given free education by providing them books and stationary material but they should not be given opportunity of reservation. Skill based education should be given to the students at a primary stage. They should be taught about life skills, how to handle different situations in case of emergencies for example Fire, shortage of water, earthquake, in short they should be taught about disaster management. The brilliant students should be provided with scholarships or bank loans on cheaper rate of interest so that education should be accessible to the masses.

So changes must be implemented in our modern Education System!!!

Respect for teachers, job security and facilities like V.I.P, according to me teacher is Nation Builder. Nation is built in classes so if teacher has special place in society curriculum should be skill based moral. l values art and culture, secularism,Patriotism and brotherhood be the part of school education. How to cultivate plant Selection in jobs must be on Merit . Education and placement means employment. Employment should be responsibility of Government Day by Day, new reforms are there.l wish and hope for the bright future of coming generation.

Some good initiatives have been taken by the Government like players .National and state awardee teachers and principals should get incentive like reservation facility because I do believe after consideration of record of 20 years of service if MHRD ,CBSE has selected for this award and later on no recognition is their then how coming generation will be motivated. 2019 year is a year of Drastic chance in system. I do appreciate it.



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