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Prof. Nageshwar Rao
Teachers’ Day is auspicious for Teachers. It is a day of introspection for all of us. This day reminds a teacher that he has become more experienced in terms of his capabilities in teaching and research.

In the present environment, a teacher has to be learner centric. He has to review his teaching pedagogies time and again to suit to the aptitude of learners. He has to think how the pedagogy of teaching be converted from monologue to interactive sessions. His pedagogy needs to have a judicious mix of eye base learning and ear base learning.

It is being said that if visual aids are being used, the effectiveness of retention by learners goes up to 40% and if we are simply using the voice (ear), the effectiveness is reaching up to 30%. If both are being judiciously used for the learners’ effectiveness, the retention will go up to 60%.

A teacher has to look at his own productivity within the limited resource of time available to him. He must reach to the greater number of learners in terms of content and reach.

The ODL system having self learning materials are having both the components and it will play a great role in enhancing the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) of the country.

On this auspicious day, the teachers must review their own experience with respect to their pedagogical process to reach the learners. They must make their teaching process more and more learner centric.


Professor Nageshwar Rao
Vice chancellor
Indira Gandhi open University,
New Delhi