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Faculty Member / Teaching Staff Detail(s)

DOB : 29-August-1945
Name of Organization : SJB Reasearch Foundation, Bangalore
Post / Designation : Professor
Mobile :
Land line Number :
Residence Address :
Email :
Educational Qualification: B.Sc.(Engg.) Patna University, 1967M.E.(Elec.) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1979Ph.D.(Engg.) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1985
Other Qualification : Industrial Experience:Nearly two years in design and development of Electric Locomotives at the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works of Indian Railways
Biography / Life Sketch : Professional Career:
1967-1969 Design Engineer, CLW, Indian Railways.
1969 - 1981 Lecturer, Patna University.
1981 - 1985 Scientific Officer, Indian Institute of Science.
1985 – 1994 Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science.
1994 – 2011 Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science.
2011 - Professor and Chief Architect atSJB Research Foundation, Bangalore.

Field of specialization:
Embedded Systems, Fault-tolerant and Safety-critical Systems, Power Electronics.

Research guidance:
PhD: 08 (Eight)
MSc: 06 (Six)
ME/MTech Projects: Over 100

Industrial R&D work undertaken and completed:
A number of research and development projects have been undertaken under the sponsorship of Governmental agencies such as DIET,MHRD, Indian Railways, National Tuberculosis Institute, BHEL, etc. In addition, many projects have been carried out with funding from multinationals and SMEs such as
Motorola, Freescale, Tejas Networks, McML, etc. Prototypes of the products were delivered in most of these projects. A partial list of a few high value projects (in terms of performance requirement and/cost) is given below:

1. Multiphase chopper controller with regenerative braking capability for DC Electric Multiple Unit Trains. A prototype four phase chopper at a power level of 25 kW was built for the purpose.

2. Versatile train load simulator with programmable load profiles upto 35 kW.All modes of operation (notching up, free running, coasting and braking) incorporated.

3. Battery operated variable voltage inverter to power conventional X-Ray units. A 7.5 kW inverter was built and commissioned on one mobile unit of National Tuberculosis Institute.

4. Computer simulation of traction drive.The simulated system includes inptut line filter, multiphase chopper controller and d.c. series motor and operates with ‘hardware-in-loop’ to try out any new control hardware and strategy intended for chopper controlled trains.

5. DSP based 3-phase energy meter.Developed for an State Electricity Board, this meter computes and displays energy consumed, maximum demand, reactive powe drawn, harmonics introduced by the connected load and records any tapering attmepts.

6. Futuristic architectural platform for net connected automotive applications. This was a theoretical study carrried out on behalf of a auto major – no prototype was built.

7. State of charge estimator for lead acid batteries for electric vehicle applications. An SoC indicator with guaranteed accuracy of 5 per cent was developed and built.

8. A fault-tolerant data driven distributed architecture for future generation avionics. The study was soponsered by ADE.

9. Digital receiver for Ooty radio telescope. A very large instrumentation system was developed with reconfriguraable archecture to enhance the capability of the Ooty Radio Relescope.

10. Real time controller for the run out table of hot strips mills. This study was supported by Tata Steel. The proposposed strategy was tried out on a simulated platform.

11. Generic safety layer for safety critical communication systems.A generic safety layer, independent of the communication protocal used, was developed and implemented in collaboration with a leading expert on Railway Signalling Systems.

12. Wireless Biometic authentication. A versatile device, developed for a security agency, can remotely authenticate individuals. Complete production ready prototyp was developed and delivered.

13. Light weight electric vehicle. Integrated the electric drive on a aluminium frame vehicle that has been developed at CPDM, IISc as a local postal van.

Sysem Verification work undertaken and compeleted:
Two system verifications assignments were taken up and compeleted as Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) for products developed by a railway infrastructure company at Bangalore:
1. Design verification of configurable interlocking system.
2. Design verification of VLSI based interlocking system.

Educational R&D work undertaken and completed:
A comprehensive survey was conducted to establish a quantitative data base on issues related to engineering education. A questionnaire consisting of 122 questions was prepared and distributed among 16,000 engineers all over the country. The responses received from nearly 2,000 respondents have been analysed and published. This study was the first of its kind in the country and has become the base for several ongoing studies in this area.
Introduction of new courses:
Introduced two new courses in Embedded System Design, named ES-I and ES-II. These are the first attempt to teach embedded computing fundamentals and design at IISc (and perhaps in this part of the country as well). Scores of universities all over India have introduced embedded systems courses modeled on the lines of these two courses.
Set up a new embedded systems laboratory at CEDT with support from Motorola. The laboratory was later augmented with funding from IISc and is now a leading centre for embedded system design and training. This laboratory is also used for the teaching of the new courses mentioned above. We now have tie up with Freescale Semiconductor for this lab.
Book Writing:
A book on embedded system design, named “Embedded System Design - a Practical Approach”. (Expected to be released in December, 2014)
Administrative Experience.
1. Served for four years as Associate chairman and another four years as the Chairman of the Centre of Scientific and Industrial Consultancy (CSIC).
2. Was Chairperson for the Centenary Celebrations Committee of Indian Institute of Science.
3. Been on numerous committees review committees of Govt. of India.
1. Member board of studies of several universities.
2. Organized several international conferences on behalf of the Advanced Computing and
Communications society (ACCS).
Message for Students :