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DPS Students observed National Pollution
DPS Students observed National Pollution Prevention Day

RANCHI-- #Earth is our planet to live, don’t let polluters pollute it.

#Stop pollution, to save the next generation.

The little champions of Class II along with the young minds of Deeptabh observed the National Pollution Prevention Day on 2nd Dec 2019, encouraging awareness and commitment to protect the planet by curbing pollution. Environmental pollution is one of the main threats our planet is facing and needs a speedy solution. With this thought, the students presented an activity wherein they discussed the various pollution like air, water, soil, noise, etc. and their effect upon our health and environment.

The act of class 2 students was initiated with an introduction about the problem and its ill effects. It was proceeded by a poem, in which the students explained the grievances of pollution. They also discussed in detail the various causes which lead to pollution and the necessary steps taken by the government to combat it.

The students of Deeptabh also presented a drama titled “Hope for the Earth”. The skit revolved around protecting Mother Earth from pollution and preventing its resources from depleting. They sensitized the plight of animals especially due to the increasing pollution not only of the land and air but also of the water. The effects of the sound pollution on the inhabitants of planet Earth made children contemplate in a ruminative mood. The drama ended with a wonder man asking students to take a pledge to protect Earth from pollution. They pledged to not cut trees, pollute the seas and respect and protect the earth from pollution.

The students dramatized the comparison of the earth in 1930and 2019 by enacting as an animal with animal masks and dummies of trees and flowers. They prepared posters on methods and suggestions to reduce pollution like “Use less water”, “Exchange Saplings”, “Save Earth” etc.
The students were enthralled by the message and were motivated to make small adjustments in the manner in which they use water, food, and transport growing more and more trees, to close the tap after use, ride a cycle wherever possible to reduce waste and pollution.

Principal D. Ram Singh addressed the students and said we need to use the resources with the feeling “The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth”. He further guided the students to take steps to prevent pollution and make the earth a beautiful and safe place.  
 (updated on December 2nd, 2019)

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