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Dayananda Sagar Institutions -Professor
Dayananda Sagar Institutions -Professor Caught Demanding Bribe Of Two Lakhs

BANGLURU. The management of Dayananda Sagar Institutions on 23 April 2019, faced the wrath of students, as hundreds of them protested against the professor who demanded a bribe of 2 lakhs from students who were short of attendance. The management has suspended the professor.

The students of Dayananda Sagar Institute, Bangalore are expected to maintain a minimum attendance of 85%, failing which the students might be denied their hall tickets. However, there seems to be a comfortable yet expensive way around this. A professor by name Sunil Kumar, HOD of the commerce department, has been accused of demanding a bribe of 2 lakhs from students whose attendance was lesser than 85% and promising them to clear their hall tickets as soon as they pay him two lakhs.

Hundreds of students grew furious over this after learning about this and staged a protest against the professor yesterday. They even questioned management. However, the protest ended after police came to college and talked to the management, students of the college confirmed to The Logical Indian. News 9 reported that the professor has been suspended. The administration refused to respond to any questions from the media. The students also claim to have caught the professor red-handed, while taking bribe from a student.

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