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Chandigarh Activity in Detailed
Dr. Kana M. Sureshan gets Bhagyatara Award
Dr. Kana M. Sureshan gets Bhagyatara Award 2019

CHANDIGARH. The Department of Chemistry, Panjab University organized Bhagyatara Award Ceremony 2019, here today. The Award, this year has been given to Dr. Kana M. Sureshan (FRSC), Associate Professor, School of Chemistry, IISER Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala.

During the function, he talked on the topic, “Synthesis of Biopolymer mimics via Topochemical Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition Reaction”. In the oration, he showed with concrete examples, how simple chemical reactions such as Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions can be used to generate solid-state based chemicals which can be used for water harvesting from the atmosphere. These chemicals have high affinity for water vapour and will absorb it from atmosphere even at low humidity situations such as that it deserts.

Prof. Shankarji Jha, Dean University Instructions, PU in his address reminded all scientists, especially young researchers to adopt a path to sustainability in their future scientific endeavour such that global problems such as carbon dioxide emission, health issues, energy and environment etc.

Chairman Prof. K.N. Singh welcomed the audience and the speaker and told the importance of such awards in nurturing young minds towards research and importance of new innovations in chemistry.

Panjab University Bhagyatara Award is a prestigious Award of Rs.50,000/-. It is awarded annually by the Panjab University, Chandigarh to an outstanding scientist who has made significant contribution in the areas of Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry/Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Dairy Chemistry. Professor Megh K. Jain is an aluminous of Panjab University and now settled in USA, has instituted an annual “Panjab University Bhagyatara Award” in memory of his parents Mrs. Bhagyavati and Tara Chand Jain. (UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 26TH, 2019)
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