SURAT.-20 students in Surat fire; PM asks state govt to provide all assistance///NEW DELHI.-Prime Minister recommends dissolution of 16th Lok Sabha//प्रयागराज : प्राइवेट कॉलेज में नहीं लागू हो सकता छठवां वेतन आयोग///रोहतक-महर्षि दयानंद विश्वविद्यालय में डा. शालिनी सिंह का विशेष व्याख्यान //रोहतक।-मदवि के मनोविज्ञान विभाग में 'अनफोल्ड माइंड्ज आईज' विषयक कार्यक्रम ////प्रयागराज: -शिक्षकों की सामूहिक बीमा की कटौती बंद////RANCHI. Zumba, Aerobics & Cross Country Session Conducted at DPS /// ========= NEW DELHI- PM Narendra Modi makes 3 promises to India after record mandate in Lok Sabha election 2019////DUBAI- Indian business tycoons expats in UAE hail Modi's resounding election victory ////CHANDIGAR- Day 4 of Seven Days National Workshop in PU////NEW DELHI- Italian Government Scholarship 2019-20Announced ////SRINAGAR-University Of Kashmir Scores A+ Grade In NAAC Re-Accreditation////Gandhinagar: Shocking Gujarat exam results: 63 schools score a zero////CHANDIGARH- Special lecture on Guru Nanak’s Philosophy at PU///
Chandigarh Activity in Detailed
EMBO awarded to PU Research Fellow
EMBO awarded to PU Research Fellow

CHANDIGARH.Shiyana, a UGC - Research Fellowship in Sciences for meritorious students (RFSMS) fellow pursuing PhD under the supervision of Prof. Kanwaljit Chopra, Chairperson, University Institute Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), and Professor, Pharmacology Division, UIPS, Panjab University has brought laurels to the name of the University. She was awarded the prestigious European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Short Term Fellowship (€ 6252.00) for a period of 3 months from 15 January to 15 April 2019 to conduct circadian research at the Department of Neurohumoral Regulations, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic. The fellowship included subsistence and travel allowance.

She studied the impact of constant artificial light and food intake in the night time on our biological clock in rat brain and ileum. Her research work elucidated the importance of minimizing the exposure to artificial light in the night time and restricting the food intake during the daytime for our good health(UPDATED ON MAY 15TH 2019)
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