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Inspiratble students Aarti Jagtap

Inspiratble students Aarti Jagtap

BHOPAL. Aarti Jagtap, a student and resident of Bhopal Madhya Pradesh now became an inspirational student for poor those who wants to to something in their life but they never reached due to lack of the confidence. But Aarti Jagtap is not in these circle. When she won 12 lakh from KVC programme which telecast on 28th September, after first time in KOVIND-19 with right answers and she became the inspirable student for these category students.

Contestant Aarti Jagtap, 20-years-old from Bhopal. She is a daughter of a daily wage plumber and domestic help, who hails from Bhopal. She has secured scholarships all through her education years and aspires to be a Civil Service Officer.

Aarti scored 92.3& in her CBSE12th boards. Post her 12th grade, she went o to pursue her engineering course. Since, she was a merit student, her tuition fees is sponsored by the Madhya Pradesh government. Aarti studied Carmel Convent School, till 4th grade she was in Hindi medium of her school. she feels that if one really wants to get educated one should not blame their background for it. She says ‘some or the other way emerges for you to achieve your goal’.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, her father and mother had no income for 3 months. With Aarti’s school Principal’s help and her own merits, she got financial help in her education fees from 4th to 12th grade.
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