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Member's Article

Prof PB Sharma
My Mother, was my first teacher

( Prof PB Sharma )

*Live up to the teachings of our great Teachers- Happy Teacher's Day*

A man is born like any other creature, except that he has the privilege of having a Teacher Mother and a Mentor Father .

My Mother, was of course my first teacher. My Mother thought me Swaras , Speech and the Mothertung , introduced to Mother Earth and taught me the most valuable, *Aatmiya*, Empathy with which to connect to the people and the world around. For my Mother, the Aatmiya was every thing, with it you could even have the *Hotline of connect with God Almighty*.

The father, my mentor inspired me to cultivate *Knowledge as the Supreme Wealth* that lasts till your last breath and even thereafter for ever.

My school and college teachers, gave me the mantra to know this magnificent creation and inspired to serve the society with *Capabilities, Competence and Character* .

My University teachers, mentored me to traverse the *Path to Excellence* and inspired me to cultivate science and contribute to advancement of technology.

My spiritual gurus, that included Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and a great many whose magic touch made me to understand and admire the *Spiritual Civilization* of India. They inspired me to develop a profound interest in *Life Divine* and work consciously for the *Synthesis of Science and Spirituality*.

My students, taught me to accept and respect change. They inspired me to *Innovate and Excel*. They gave me a hope that the world tomorrow will be a better one than the one in which we live today. They are my teachers to adopt the technology changes and a live life full of excitement and hope.

I continue to admire my teachers, who to me were the messengers of God Almighty, to shower upon me the bliss and blessings of Divinity.

On this Day, Teacher's Day, *I salute to Thee* , for giving me the life full of Divinity and bliss of divine and remember my teachers and pay my respectful homage to all of them who gave me this day .

We are very fortunate to be born in a country, *Bharatvarsa*, India where a teacher is regarded as more respectful than even the God Almighty!. How fortunate are we, the Bharatvasi, the Indians, I wonder.

Before I close, let us all pledge to make our country, Bharatvarsa, India a *Heaven on Earth* and to live up to the teachings of our great teachers.

Happy Teacher's Day.



Prof PB Sharma
President AIU(2017-18),
Founder Vice Chancellor DTU and RGPV
Former Director /Principal DCE
Currently, Vice Chancellor
Amity University Gurugram.
(updated on 4th september 2018)




The world lost a Principled Champion of Democracy

By Prof PB Sharma-
In the untimely demise of Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of India, Bharat Ratna and a renowned world statesman, the world lost one of the greatest Principled Champion of Democracy. For Atal Bihari Vajpayee, politics was a profession of privilege to serve the people. He stood firm on negating the politics of defection to make or break the government.

I, like millions of my countrymen had a great respect for Bharat Ratna Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji. Firstly, that he belonged to my home state, Madhya Pradesh and also represented Vidisha, my home town as a distinguished Member of Parliament and secondly, here was a statesman for whom India stood for respect of all religions, communal harmony and the triumph of truth.

He will be remembered for making Mother India proud by making his historic address in the UN assembly in Hindi, the Rastrabhasha of Bharat, for the first time while he was the Foreign Minister in Morarji Desai Government.

With Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji , the brightest star of the east has set, but his words of wisdom and noble deeds shall continue to inspire the generations to come for a principled political pursuit, negating all attractions to deviate from the righteous path of service to the Nation and it's people.

I pay my heartfelt homage to the departed soul and pray that the Atal Vani continue to invigorate the minds and soul of billions of principled people around the globe .

Prof PB Sharma
Vice Chancellor,Amity University Gurugram
Immediate Past President of AIU//Founder Vice Chancellor of DTU and RGTU.
(updated on August 17th, 2018)